How to use a Wonder Blender

Always dampen your blender first (Not too much)

We recommend adding water to your blender before foundation, then squeezing the excess out with a towel, a little water goes a long way to ensuring a dewy glow.

The water helps the foundation bind more effectively to the skin, resulting in full coverage that doesn’t look caked-on.

Dab instead of wiping

When applying foundation with a blender use the broad base, we advise a dabbing (tapping) motion, which allows the makeup to be fully absorbed into the skin without wiping half of it off (which can happen if the blender is used in a sweeping motion.

We recommend a similar technique for applying concealer, using the small point of the blender rather than the broad base.

Wiping only comes into play when you’re contouring, as the base has already been laid and blending is the priority. 


Cleaning your Wonder Blender

We suggests replacing liquid soap with bar soap when cleaning your beauty blender. Just follow the soap bar’s curves with your blender, rubbing all sides of the blender, then give it a thorough rinse. The result? A deep-cleaned tool that’s ready for some serious beauty business.

Watch the video in the link below;


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Add Moisturizer before Makeup

Using a bit of moisturizer to prep your beauty blender before use can prevent it from soaking up too much product and depleting your foundation supply.
Massaging a small amount of moisturizer (the same amount you’d use on your face) into the blender, then spritzing it with a setting spray to stop excess absorption and to help the foundation spread evenly.